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The Blunder Legacy; Gen 2, Part 4

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Jan. 6th, 2008 | 03:00 pm
mood: chipperchipper
posted by: lexy in simicide

So I haven't played in a while but I had all these pictures so my story telling is well.. not any worse than usual you might say but I can't remember any of what was going on so it's kind of vague and patchy. I just wanted to get these put up before I continued playing. Onwards!

Luke: I am on the phone. Finding me some dates. To get my LTW of 50 first dates rolling. Yes.

This is Date #1 Ophelia Nigmos.

It went well.

Tamsyns romance side is finally showing through and she started hitting on the maid.. whose name I have no idea but whatever, no one cares.

She likes her anyway.

Anyway Keith doesn't care. He is friends with the llamas now... other OMGIAMSORANDOMLOLZBUTNOTREALLYSHIT.

Lesbian looooove.

More dates plz.

He doesn't approve.

You might even say there is some common disgust.

Zed is about the most dull child ever. Here he is being excited at the thought of making the bed.

I forgot to tell you the only good feature of this girl. Her name was Allison Fuchs.

Starting to build a friendship.. for no reason.. lalalala.

He is mean to Luke. :(

Tamsyn is getting it on with the guy who is always causing problems.

Fooooooool the maid is afoot!


Tamsyn: oh umm.. you weren't supposed to see this moment.. can I pay you off too?

This is #3 Barbara Young according to my notes.

Luke: W0rd.. -vacant-

They were so cute together!

But he was rude and would not go on a date with him. :(

Skunk stinking up my rubbish. How dare you.

Keith is not happy either. He wants to take this chance to make a new fur coat biatches.

But you know.. luckily for him he was too far away when the skunk tried to spray him.

More dates. This was either #4 Brittany Parker or #5 Nicole Landchild. Not that we care, she looks like a prostitute.

Who wouldn't want to date him? Smustling in pajamas? Oh yeah.

Angrily kick over the bin only to clean it up later since you are the maid at this house.. she didn't really think this through.

Date #6 Hailey Hutchins. She was weird but I liked her.

Maybe it was her freaky skills that impressed me.

#7 Esther Tse.

Got bored and went for a male date. Lol Tank Grunt #8.

Conflicting his ++ he wasn't so into Luke. No hugs.

ya he even makes playing in the bathtub feel dull.


Why is the nanny still even there? She is desperate for some action.

Aging time.


He finds his appearence amusing.

Personally I find it adorable. But I always love the grandpas. Look at him though. He's a jazz maverick.

Tamsyn was pissed about aging.

Ahhhhh no wonder. She's hideous.

Blech not much I could do.

Looooook at him he is so old and awwwwwwwww.. seriously why do I always get so attatched to the old men. :(

#9 Marie Mazza.. I think? who knows, I should have made more notes than just their names really.

The maid still thinks she's hot anyway.. ick.

Painting the moon, listening to some jazz and possibly scatting. That is how I like to imagine this scenario anyway.

Zeds birthday.

Nice sandals.

He reminds me of someone and I don't know who. Answers on a postcard.

#10 Anna Vijayakar.

My favourite gaming face EVER. Ahahaha.

Friendly, friendly, tum tee tum.



...ew. Why is she so much better at being a romance sim in old age?

Bringing home more dates who cares what they look like.

#11 Melissa Andersen.

He liked her waaaay too much though it was annoying. Get in and get out playa!

He has massive lips SMOOOOOOOOOOOCH.

Minutes later #12 Sandy Wilsonoff aka hai I am a svedish porcelain doll JA?

omg hurry up and be BFFZ already.

Old ugly fail.


Poor Eli got completely kicked out of this entry because I was too busy with Luke and his dating. He eventually got his first kiss anyway.

Meanwhile, #13 Kelly Kauker.

Nice standards.

Classy. Granny in underwear and bad manners yokel.

Thank GOD. He skilled so so so so so so so slowly it killed me getting him to the top of his career.. which wasn't even his LTW but whatever.

Eli aging.

Not so stylish lime.

Pretty nice but his LTW means he won't be heir anyway.

I think he's angry about his work clothes maybe.

Whereas awwwww all scientisty. ^___^

That's all I've played to. I'll try and stop slacking and hopefully Gen 3 will be on the way shortly. Wish me luck! and thanks for reading. :)

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Comments {4}


(no subject)

from: ohcherub
date: Jan. 6th, 2008 04:56 pm (UTC)

Linda Blair wanna-be? Idk, seems a bit scarier if you think about it.

I think you like the old guys because you have a fetish. ;) But aww he's adorable, even with a robotic hand.

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The Cool Kidz

(no subject)

from: theoneontheleft
date: Jan. 6th, 2008 06:10 pm (UTC)

i had a couple lulz while looking at this but by the end i can't remember what they were to comment on them

love the kinky maid outfit though lolol

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(no subject)

from: causticdreams
date: Jan. 6th, 2008 06:59 pm (UTC)

"...Sandy Wilsonoff aka hai I am a svedish porcelain doll JA?"


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Rag Doll

(no subject)

from: shading
date: Jan. 7th, 2008 09:26 am (UTC)

silly maid!!

hahaha I play in strangetown too and I've met some Fuchs'. it cracked me up.
also allison fuchs in my games name is barbara young! she's really.... not attractive hahah.

I played the grunt family and aged tank into an adult and he ended up having like the ugliest nose ever seriously don't do it :(

LOL old ugly fail though hhahahahaha

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