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The Blunder Legacy; Gen 2, Part 5

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Mar. 22nd, 2008 | 04:35 pm
posted by: lexy in simicide

You know he hates school a lot when he's in such a rush to get off the bus he'll force himself through the door.

First Date 14/50 Tiffany Riley. Nice Leia buns.

16/50 (there is a picture missing of 15) Alvin Alioto. Nice nose.

Luke: Hey, hey look at the snot bubble I can make! ^____^

17/50 Blair Mace. Nice bowl cut. (Yes. The sarcastic comments are necessary)




umm.. awkward face dents and slight monkey jaw.

Whatever. I moved Eli out anyway because funny and weird looking with an acceptable LTW beats pretty but boring as hell with a ridiculous LTW. (Plus it stops me looking shallow ;x)

18/50 Trista Shaw. Who wouldn't stop calling afterwards.

19/50 Jenna Cameron. Kinda cute.

20/50 Daisy Wheeler. Umm old and rather mannish.

Luke: I'M THE MOON. :D

Luke: Did you see that? That was my moon impression, it was good wasn't it!

Aww. I was impressed anyway.

21/50 Kimberly King. More old, joy.

Omg no Keith is on fire. :(!!!!!

He had to bite into his own arm to take the pain.

Woo one LTW of top of the slacker career done.

First Date 22/50 Katelyn Goss. Pfft spending our money on food, gold digger.

23/50 Wendy Schehl. We sure love the old.

24/50 Olive Specter. Inserting herself into the window.

25/50 Mallory Fancey. Half way there.

26/50 Alyana Dallas. Kinky outfit.

27/50 Nancy Rauscher. Cute if she wasn't dressed like a hooker.

Zed: What I'm doing talking to this wolf is NO BUSINESS of yours.

Nice work outfit. (I really need to be less sarcastic >>)

Keith is adorable whenever Tamsyn takes a nap (which is always) he stops what he's doing to go sit near here. D'awww. ♥

Bad picture of 28/50 Nancy Phillippine.

Hmm what is this strange bite?


normals. :( or well, still an alien with a black dad.

Maid: OMG how dare you be romantically intimate with your husband, you're supposed to love me the woman cleaning the house! I had no idea you were married, no clue! Not even those pictures on the wall or that son you have together. WE'RE THROUGH!

29/50 Amber Sartor. Old.

30/50 Marie Pai. Oldold.

Hairy, love it.

Trip downtown. Apparently car alarms are turned off with remote controls.

Speaks for itself.

Freak show smustle.

Influencing vamps to bite people is fun.

He invited her back to talk about the difficulty with makeup on altered skin.

Bitings. :K

BLACK ALIEN WEREWOLF VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Werewolf.

31/50 Tori Enriquez. Another pretty girl dressed like a hooker.

More fire. I feel incomplete if my updates don't have at least one fire episode.

I find the no reflection thing amusing everytime.

32/50 Meredith Lillard.

They all got sick at this time and so midway through his dates this kept happening and ruined them comletely.

33/50 Sandy Boyle. Her name sounds gross. Plus I threw in a nice health warning for you all.

Anyway I realised Zed couldn't become an adult while he was still a vamp so I devamped him until he's aged.

34/50 Vicki Hourvitz. How many times.. OLD.

35/50 Suzie Andersen. Whore.

36/50 Katelyn Pons. Fug.

Then he brought this guy Blake Parker (37/50) home from work so date time for him too.

It went well.

In real life surely it would be uhh frowned upon for someone to get a promotion because they kissed someone at work who then helped them out.

38/50 Brooke Turner. Fod.

39/50 Holly Andersen. Ick.

40/50 Caryl Hogan. Old.

41/50 Trina ..something, didn't write her name down properly.

Birthdayyy his skin is stuck as vampire even though he isn't one at the moment.

I decided to make him as utterly creepy as possible. :)

Next time; Luke finishes his dates, Zed gets revamped and finds love, Someone dies and uhh hopefully they will all be moving house.

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Comments {4}

The Cool Kidz

(no subject)

from: theoneontheleft
date: Mar. 22nd, 2008 07:50 pm (UTC)

i'm so glad you made the thriller comment, cuz i was gonna

why are all his dates doing the robot?

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(no subject)

from: lexy
date: Mar. 22nd, 2008 08:23 pm (UTC)

they're being dizzy cuz when you ask for a date from the matchmaker they fall from the sky.

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(no subject)

from: ohcherub
date: Mar. 22nd, 2008 08:30 pm (UTC)

LOLOLOL! I love little MJ hiding in the background. :D

and rofl all the old. he has a fetish i think. :x


... ilu <3

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(no subject)

from: causticdreams
date: Mar. 23rd, 2008 11:51 am (UTC)

"BLACK ALIEN WEREWOLF VAMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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