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The Blunder Legacy; Gen 2, Part 6

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Mar. 27th, 2008 | 02:47 pm
mood: gigglygiggly
posted by: lexy in simicide

Zed is less creepy in his pjs and mostly just a dork.

Lukes First dates 42/50 Edith Bul.

43/50 Marion Almassaohiuhdsaiuhkjhdeh or something.

Zed never had any nice points to begin with but being a werewolf has made him really mean.


So now there's another alien werewolf running about town.

We invited Contessa Aiyana Buckingham round and she went and got a crush.

Aww first kiss.

I got her to move in cuz yes to vamp/werewolf relationships.

We modernised her a bit.


Innocently stalking.

Hypnotising re-vamp.

lalalala love.

Aiyana likes to admire old ladies in granny underwear.

Keith died. :(!

The last thing he did before he died. ;-;


lalala love back.

Vamp + Vamp/Werewolf/Alien engagement. ^__^

Sex to celebrate.

She's a pretty cute bat.

I got the perfume can be used as vampire sunblock hack, because they are useless and demand to go outside during the day.

Freaks can love too. ♥

I usually never bother with proper wedding stuff but I can't pass up on this.


Squinty eyed joy.

More wedding spam because I was just camera happy.

Neat sims.

I like to make him as weird as possible. This is his circus ringmaster look.


45/50 Tristen Tan.

46/50 Crystal Vu.

47/50 Christy Stratton.

48/50 Marion MacArthur.

49/50 Tyler Midlock.

50/50!!!!!!!!!!!!! Larry Ternynck. LTW complete.

New house. Which I'm proud of because I didn't cheat to get the money.


I let them get a parrot.

He is called Darwin. ^__^

Luke: I come in peace
Darwin: Peace you say..

Zed: Safe in the sun with my sunblockkkk.
(Wear it kids, UV rays give you cancer.. or something.)

Darwin is kinda creepy close up.

Ghost Keith looks dangerous with his ghost glasses.

Promotions make Aiyana snarl.

Next time; umm haven't actually played any more but hopefully Gen 3.

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Comments {2}

The Cool Kidz

(no subject)

from: theoneontheleft
date: Mar. 27th, 2008 06:28 pm (UTC)

OMG Keith ;_;
Dude awesome house. So glad you have swings. :)
His dates still look like they're doing the robot lol. They look so disgruntled, too.
I love this one: http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd173/blunderleg/Gen%202/Part%206/23.png she looks like she's just rockin' out to some swt tunes

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